Group Members

Group Leader

Dr. Achillefs Kapanidis

Achillefs N. Kapanidis, Ph.D.
Professor of Biological Physics
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Current Members

Dr. Hafez El Sayyed Dr. Hafez El Sayyed
Post-doctoral Fellow

Investigating transcription dynamics and nucleoid structure using super-resolution imaging of RNA polymerase in live E. coli

Dr. Oliver Pambos Dr. Oliver Pambos
Post-doctoral Fellow

Single molecule and super-resolution studies of the spatial organization of transcription.

Dr. Abhishek Mazumder Dr. Abhishek Mazumder
Post-doctoral Fellow

Single-molecule studies of structural transitions in RNA polymerase during transcription initiation and elongation.

Dr. Christof Hepp Dr. Christof Hepp
Post-doctoral Fellow

Utilizing in vitro single molecule fluorescence microscopy on immobilized influenza vRNPs to elucidate important mechanistic aspects of viral RNA replication and transcription.

Dr. Heesoo Uhm Dr. Heesoo Uhm
Post-doctoral Fellow

In vitro and in vivo single molecule analysis on mechanism of transcription and DNA repair.

Dr. Stelios Chatzimichail Dr. Stelios Chatzimichail
Post-doctoral Fellow

Single-molecule studies of single-cell bacterial isolates for rapid testing of antimicrobial resistance.

Dr. Piers Turner Dr. Piers Turner
Post-doctoral Fellow

Developing machine learning/deep learning diagnostic tools for rapid detection of antimicrobial resistance.

Dr. Jagadish Prasad Hazra Dr. Jagadish Prasad Hazra
Post-doctoral Fellow

Single molecule DNA sequencing by hybridisation.

Dr. Prabir Kulabhusan Dr. Prabir Kulabhusan
Post-doctoral Fellow

Developing rapid virus diagnostic methods using fluorescence and super resolution microscopy.

Andrew McMahon Andrew McMahon
DPhil student

Single-molecule studies of influenza and SARS-CoV2.

Nicolas Shiaelis Nicolas Shiaelis
DPhil student
Email:    Website link:

My project aspires to develop the tools for the next generation of viral diagnostics utilizing fluorescent microscopy, machine learning and neutron reflectometry.

Aleksander Zagajewski Aleksander Zagajewski
DPhil student

Spatial organisation and mechanical control of gene expression on the bacterial chromosome.

Anna Wang Anna Wang
DPhil student

Development of a spectral microscope for visualising coupled conformational changes.

Rasched Haidari Rasched Haidari
DPhil student

Super-resolution studies to probe spatial distribution of proteins.

Mirjam Kummerlin Mirjam Kummerlin
DPhil student

Studying transcriptional mechanisms using single-molecule DNA hybridization.

Emma Lalande Emma Lalande
DPhil student

Studying global transcriptional regulation using single molecule techniques - a road to homeostasis.

Alison Farrar Alison Farrar
DPhil student

Developing novel methods for the rapid detection of antibiotic susceptibility in clinical samples and using single-molecule imaging to investigate cross-talk between cellular translation and replication machinery in bacteria.

Qing Zhao Qing Zhao
DPhil student

My research is about assessing the packaging stoichiometry and spatial organisation of influenza A viral segments.

Benjamin Middleton Benjamin Middleton
MPhys student

Machine learning based approaches for super resolution enhancement of fluorescence images.

Helena Bayley Helena Bayley
MPhys student

Using electroporated DNA probes to study how the fluidity of the bacterial cytoplasm depends on the metabolic or stress state of the cell.


Past Members


Academic Visitors

  • Nigel D. F. Grindley (09/07-05/08)
    Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University
  • Catherine M. Joyce (09/07-05/08)
    Senior Research Scientist, Yale University
  • Richard Ludescher (2018-2019)
    Professor of Food Science, Rutgers University
  • Xiaojuan Li (2019-2020)
    Professor of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, Beijing Forestry University


Post-doctoral Fellows

  • Dr. Barak Gilboa
    Post-doctoral Fellow (2016-2020).
  • Dr. Jun Fan
    Post-doctoral Fellow (2016-2020).
  • Dr. Horst Steuer
    Post-doctoral Fellow (2015-2018).
  • Dr. Nicole Robb
    Post-doctoral Fellow (2011-2017). Nicole Robb is a research fellow at the University of Oxford.
  • Dr. Anssi Malinen
    Post-doctoral Fellow (2016). Anssi is a research fellow at the University of Turku, Finland.
  • Dr. David Dulin
    Post-doctoral Fellow (2016). David has set up his own group in Erlangen, Germany.
  • Dr. David LV Bauer
    Post-doctoral Fellow (2016). David is a post-doctoral researcher in the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford.
  • Dr. Timothy Craggs
    Post-doctoral Fellow (2015). Tim has set up his own group at the University of Sheffield.
  • Dr. Geraint Evans
    Post-doctoral Fellow (2015). Geraint is now pursuing a career in industry at Illumina, Inc. .
  • Dr. Pawel Zawadzki
    Post-doctoral Fellow (2014). Currently a postdoctoral fellow in Oxford Biochemistry in the Sherratt group.
  • Dr. Javier Periz
    Postdoctoral Fellow (2014). DPhil Student (2010-2014). Pursuing a career in veterinary-related molecular bioscience.
  • Dr. Louise Aigrain
    Post-doctoral Fellow (2010-2013). Currently a Staff Scientist in the Sequencing Research Team at the Wellcome Trust Research Institute Louise's LinkedIn Page.
  • Dr. Robert Crawford
    Post-doctoral Fellow (2011-2013) and DPhil student (2006-2011). Currently a Scientist in Systems Integration at Illumina, based in Cambridge. Rob's LinkedIn Page.
  • Dr. Johannes Hohlbein
    Post-doctoral Fellow (2008-2012). Currently setting up his own group at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. Johannes' new lab website.
  • Dr. Ludovic Le Reste
    Post-doctoral Fellow (2011-2012). DPhil student (2006-2011). Ludo is now pursuing a career in industry in Switzerland.
  • Dr. Thorben Cordes
    Post-doctoral Fellow (2010-2011). Currently setting up his own group at Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Thorben's new group page.
  • Dr. Ling Chin Hwang
    Post-doctoral Fellow (2006-2009). Now a post-doctoral researcher at NIH, Washington DC.
  • Dr. Konstantinos Lymperopoulos
    Post-doctoral Fellow (2005-2008). Now a post-doctoral researcher at BioQuant, University of Heidelberg.
  • Dr. Mike Heilemann
    Post-doctoral Fellow (2005-07). Currently a professor at the University of Frankfurt, Germany. Heilemann group
  • Dr. Soeren Doose
    Visiting Post-doctoral Fellow (2005). Currently a group leader at the University of Bielefeld, Germany.


D.Phil students

  • Dr. Rebecca Andrews
  • Dr. Maabur Sow
    Currently working as a post-doctoral position at the Institute for Quantum Optics at Ulm University, Ulm, Germany.
  • Dr. Federico Garza de Leon
  • Dr. Marko Sustarsic
  • Dr. Anne Plochowietz
  • Dr. Diego Duchi Llumigusin
  • Dr. Alexandra Tomescu
    Working for Oxford University Press as an Assistant Editor for scientific publications.
  • Dr. Stephan Uphoff
    Currently a Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow based in Oxford Biochemistry with the Sherratt group and Johan Paulsson's lab at Harvard Medical School.
  • Dr. Justin Pinkney
    Currently working for Sargentia, an R&D consultancy based in Cambridge.
  • Dr. Kristofer Gryte
    Now a Data Scientist and Data Visualization Engineer for Decoded.
  • Dr. Seamus Holden
    Currently working as a post-doctoral position at the Laboratory of Experimental Biophysics at the EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Dr. Yusdi Santoso
    Currently working as a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group in Indonesia.
  • Dr. Joseph Torella
    Currently pursuing his second doctorate at Harvard University, Boston.
  • Dr. Peter May
    Currently working for a financial institution in London.

MRes students

Jingwen Xiao(2020)

MPhys students

Biochemistry Part II students

Pouya Shoolizadeh (2011), James Ghadiali (2005);

DTC rotation students

Jack Miller (2012), Mathew Stracy (2012), Sam Roots (2011), Brian Chuang, Tiago Rito (2009), Richard Muscat (2007), Wei Meng Ho, Mark Chang (2006)

Wellcome Trust Centre for Structural Biology rotation Students

David Yadin(2009)

Visiting students

Ryan Harrison (2012), Thijs Cui (2014), Martin Kaller (2015), Angelina Scheck (2016)

Summer students

Anna Wang (2018), Irénée Frenot (2010), Oliver Britton (2009), Quentin Delacour (2009); Arnaud Riegert (2008); Vuong Thi Kim Thanh, Ouardane Jouannot (2007), Leila Sattary (2006)

UNIQ+ students

Zonerah Mahmood (2019)